Teacher Training Modules






This teacher training course is intended to be implemented at teacher Training Institutes at European Level.

The above presented modules can be taught individually or collectively as a single teacher training course. The links within these modules lead to documents that were either produced as part of the Erasmus+ MetESD project or are resources that are openly accessible online.





Modul 1



Systems Thinking Skills


Systemic thinking is necessary for making sense of our complex world, which is dominated by a variety of relationships (ecological, economic and social). It is essential to give students the opportunity to explore these relationships from local to global; to equip them with the skills and the confidence not to be overwhelmed by the complexity; and enable them to be aware of the consequences of their decisions.




Modul 4



Play the game - walk the talk


In this module, the primary focus is on the integration of the first three modules. The key question that must be answered is: how can I as a student use the mediated know-ledge in everyday life? This applies to my life in school, in my com-munity and in my career beyond school. This requires strengthen-ing links between schools, compa-nies and community organisations.




Modul 2



Design Thinking / Sustainability Entrepreneurship Skills


In today's world it is particularly important to prepare future gen-erations for life after school. There-fore, the entrepreneurial spirit shall be promoted to support the aim of achieving sustainable livelihoods. Special attention is paid to the iss-ues of "social entrepreneurship" and "Sustainability Entrepreneurship". The symbiosis of economic, social and environmental issues is in the foreground.




Modul 5



Evaluation of Teaching


This module looks at the integral role of evaluation in Education for Sustainable Development. The tea-cher as researcher, reflecting on their own practice and the ex-perience of their students, leads to continual development. Extending the research to working with internal and external colleagues can con-tribute to changes towards Edu-cation for Sustainable Development across a school. The role of a tea-cher as evaluator is facilitated by critical friends’ visits (teachers visit other schools and give feedback).




Modul 3



Values and Needs Biography


An important aspect that is often missed out is the personal ful-filment and development of indi-vidual students. Within this module the emphasis is placed on career and life planning. This includes the consideration and appreciation of different sensitivities, and the care and well-being of the self and others.




Modul 6



Curriculum Development Process


Based on the curriculum develop-ment cycle, this module looks at what are the needs of my learners, One of the key issues to be tackled are the educational purposes that the school should seek to work towards an implementation of Edu-cation for Sustainable Development within the schools’ curriculum.